We aim to bring you the best; it’s as easy as that. We’ll canoe down the Amazon, climb the Swiss Alps and survive the rigors of an arduous Oktoberfest all in an effort to source and supply the most efficient and reliable heating products in the world. And then, when you want to know about the technical stuff, you can phone, text, email, send us a letter or put a message in a bottle and we’ll be straight onto it (Message in a bottle deliveries may be delayed by climatic conditions).


Physically, emotionally and financially, you deserve comfort, and that’s where we are here to help. We’re going to bring you the best energy efficient heating products we can find. We also understand the desire for design flexibility, so we’ll be keeping a look out for heating products that can be incorporated into any situation. We will establish and evolve quality relationships with our supplier and dealer networks and continue to provide reliable and responsive service.