A light wave at the far end of the infrared spectrum which heats similar to the way the human body generates heat and it is the beneficial heat we feel from the sun without any of that nasty UV…
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LAVA® is manufactured by Austrian company Etherma. Etherma has more than 30 years experience manufacturing radiant heating solutions for the harsh Austrian winters.

Capital cost can be reduced because of the simplicity of installation. No boiler, no plant room and no need for expensive trades.

Ongoing costs can be reduced due to the maintenance-free nature of the LAVA® Glass Radiant Panel (no expensive servicing required), and the largest panel is a 1000W panel which equates to one multiple of the local electricity tariff per hour as a maximum hourly running cost. The ability to heat an equivalent area with up to 30% less power output than alternative convection heaters is also a benefit.

The set point of a LAVA® Glass Infrared Radiant Panel can be lowered by 2 degrees and give you the same relative comfort levels of a convection heater, thus saving about 6% per degree the set point is lowered.

All LAVA® Glass Radiant Panels have a 5 year (60 month) warranty for manufacturing faults.
LAVA® Glass Infrared Radiant Panels comply with AS/NZS 60335.2.30:2009 Inc A1, certificate number: SAA111961EA and addendums.
The maximum temperature of a LAVA® Glass Infrared Radiant Panel is 95°C. This is not hot enough to burn you instantly, but is warm enough to encourage you to take your hand off the surface. As the Far Infrared technology is becoming more popular, several manufacturers have started offering alternate infrared heating solutions with surface temperatures of 110°C-120°C which is quite capable of scalding instantly and, to the best of Warmer Australia’s knowledge, is too hot to comply with the appropriate Australian Standards.
Any design is possible. If you have a high resolution photo or picture that you would like to hang on your wall as an energy efficient heater; we can make it happen.

The larger heat exchange surface of the glass panel evenly emits the far infrared into a room (1 degree difference between floor and 3 metre ceiling). Because of the larger heat exchange surface, the radiant heat isn’t overpowering like older radiant heaters that can become intolerable to be close to.

By heating the surrounding walls, the LAVA® Glass Infrared Radiant Panels can reduce the appearance of mould in the walls.

Convection heating systems only heat the air and transport fine dust through the air. This can be especially troublesome for allergy sufferers.

As a result of heating the air, any change in the room (a door opening, window opening or person moving) can cause a change in heated air in the room. LAVA® Glass Infrared Radiant Panels heat objects in the room and are less prone to fluctuations in temperature, which is reflected in the annual energy bill.

Once the room is up to temperature, the actual room itself becomes like a storage heater and releases heat back into a room.

  • Far infrared heating really is the future of heating.
  • Far infrared heating can be generated from sustainable resources (electricity).
  • Far infrared heating reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Far infrared heating is cheaper than other forms of heating.
  • Far infrared heating is a very healthy form of heating.
  • Far infrared heating is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Far infrared heating is easy to install.
  • Far infrared heating can be incorporated into any architectural design.
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