The deal has been done.  Warmer Australia has new owners, a fresh new marketing team and exciting new goals to achieve.

Warmer Australia will increase our level of customer service to our existing dealers and customers and we will venture into new areas to achieve our goal of having the future of heating available to all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Dynamic Maintenance Solutions Pty Ltd, who also own DMS Energy, Tasmania’s premier renewable energy and heating company, saw the opportunity to purchase Warmer Australia and jumped at the chance.

From Adrian Luke, Director of Dynamic Maintenance Solutions Pty Ltd:

“Warmer Australia complements DMS Energy perfectly.  The Warmer Australia range of LAVA® Glass infrared radiators are like nothing I have ever experienced, and I’m excited to see where we can take this product in the next 12 months.  I’ve already mounted a 750Watt LAVA® in my loungeroom.  I’m not sure how I’m warm, but I definitely am warm.  I urge every Australian and New Zealand resident to visit your local dealer and experience this amazing product…  And if we don’t have a dealer near you; don’t worry, we will have soon…  A product like LAVA® won’t stay a secret for long.”

The future of heating is here and the future of the future of heating is secure in the folds of the Dynamic Maintenance Solutions Pty Ltd group of companies.